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As part of TAFE music business assessment, students are encouraged to read about music industry news. Instead of typing it down in Microsoft Word, i thought it might be a good idea to put it down in my blog, so people could have the chance to read about it. News are boring and i hate reading but i’ll try my best to write a couple of articles that i find interesting. I’ll also share some of my personal thoughts on the article 🙂

US Department Of Justice Considers Making Illegal Streaming A Felony

“A US Department of Justice official has put forward a proposal that would make the offence of illegal streaming a felony rather than a misdemeanor.”

As you can read in the first paragraph of the article (link is in the title), a proposal has been put forward to make the offence of illegal streaming a felony. Im not gonna summarize the whole article cause it’s boring. Why doesn’t like downloading? Definitely not me 😀 I wrote a post previous about CHANGES, read here, everything changes all the time, your feelings, environment, society perception, and especially technology! With the greater advancement of technology, illegal downloading or steaming has been made so much easier. I pretty sure almost every individual that knows how to use Facebook or the internet has at least download 1 thing in his/her entire life. It can be a song, movie, game or even a picture. For instance, some website forbids people to right-click, but come on, you don’t even have to do that anymore, you can print screen. Technology advancement im telling you. You can increase fines, change the law, put people into jail, but im telling you, when there’s a will there’s a way. Illegal downloading/streaming will never stop. Perhaps the Department of Justice might actually want to put people into jail for drug trafficking, rape, murder, etc. You know what i mean, bad stuff that could hurt people and not stupid internet stuff.


No Kaskade for You: YouTube Star Michelle Phan Sued by Ultra Records for Copyright Infringement

This article is my favourite! Cause it has gotta do with some of my favourite things such as makeup, music and YouTube. I mean, without beautiful cosmetics, music and YouTube, the world would be such a boring place isn’t it? So famous YouTube makeup guru Michelle Phan, is being sued by Ultra Records, an electronic dance music record label, for unauthorized use of their music in many of her videos, which has over millions of views. Ultra is now seeking $150,000 for each instance of copyright infringement unless a settlement can be reached.

Out of which, one of Ultra’s well-known DJ/Producer Kaskade, whose music can be found in many of Phan’s videos, is actually supportive of what she’s doing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.37.55 pm

Many of Phan’s fans has been tweeting saying that they’ve started following Kaskade only after watching her videos.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.38.17 pm Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.38.24 pm

I personally think that YouTubers like Phan herself has is actually bringing free advertisement to the artist themselves. Moreover, i think that major record labels are a scam actually. Imagine if Ultra won the lawsuit against Phan, and she has to compensate $150,000 multiply by the number of videos with Ultra’s music. Where is all the money going to? Ultra Records of course, and not Kaskade, where he’s the artist and producer that made the song but he’s not getting any money out of it. Record labels are just a major platform with lots of audience which then artist could advertise on them. On the other hand, as a music business student, any songs or artists signed to a record label means money, and with illegal downloading sites, and social media platform. People can get access to any music they want, and this means losing money for the company. Maybe record labels should start changing their laws in relation to copyright issues to solved such incidents as there are many people doing the same thing. Just because Phan is huge, and more famous than other YouTubers, she gets slammed. I doubt Ultra would give a shit about a makeup artist with 10 followers and 50 views per video. Just saying.


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