A new semester

So holidays already ended for me yesterday, class resumes today and not tomorrow. Kinda dragged myself to TAFE this morning. I should be in bed now but i had to sort out some stuff. Being in class today was great actually, seeing all my friends. Not looking forward to those bunch of assessments but oh well, it’s not like i can get away without doing it. We’ve an ongoing assignment that we have to blog about music so i figure instead of creating another post, i rather blog here, so stay tune! 🙂

Today has been a great day actually. It’s mummy’s 49th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY! And i went for an interview today for this year’s Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. Finally got a chance to be at the backstage this time instead of being the model. So keen 🙂 It’s 20mins more to 1 year 5 months with Jarrah. Yay! 😀 Love you bb cake. Thanks for being an awesome boyfriend. x

Anyway it’s getting late, im sleeping, im trying to motivate myself to go to the gym tomorrow morning before class. Pretty impossible but i’ll try. J’s not there to accompany me to the gym now so it all depends on me now! Good night.


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