It’s been awhile since i last posted. I’ve been busy with work and sleep, lots and lots of sleep actually. Looking forward to Tuesday when the holidays are over, NOT. This winter has been amazing, snuggles every night with my gorgeous boy, working on the weekend at my favourite workplace, hanging out with friends, going for photoshoots and lots of sleeping. As you grow older, 24hrs a day just doesn’t seem enough, there is so much to do and so little time. You tend to hear yourself saying this to your friends, “let’s meet up”, but you don’t. Not because neither one of you cannot take time off, it’s just that sometimes there just isn’t time to take off to go hang out.

It’s 9:15am on a Sunday right now and i’ve been awake since 3pm yesterday arvo. Im in the midst of pulling an all nighter so i could adjust my body clock, sleep early tonight and wake up tomorrow morning. I got home from work at 3am, had a shower pack my stuff and J came to pick me up and gave me a lift back to his, and we’ve been watching Weeds the whole night. We’re up to season 7 already, so pumped! 😀 Hopefully we can finish watching season 8 by tomorrow. I doubt my “all nighter plan” would succeed judging from the number of times i’ve yawned since god knows when. Im prolly heading to bed for a 3hrs nap then wake up feeling tired but continue my day again. Hopefully it’ll go according to plan, hopefully.

So i wanna talk about changes today. Human changes, climate changes, environment changes, society changes, technology changes. Everything changes all the time. There’s 2 short stories i would like to share.

The first story is about a man who owns a construction business in Singapore, he runs one of the leading construction business but one day everyday went downhill cause he would not accept the change in society. Back in the days, high-rise buildings in Singapore were handmade, meaning that they pile one brick on top of another and work their way up. Decades later, technology became advance and they were able to stack up the building 1 storey by 1 storey, like Lego pieces, but the man refuse to change his method, saying that the traditional old-school methods were better. Soon, his business died off because no property companies would hire him cause it cost more for more workers and more time to build the same infrastructure than other companies with more later technology.

Then 2nd story is about cars. Before cars were build, people travel on horses, and when the first few cars in the world was invented, no one buys them because they were “shit”. Transport company or i should say carriage companies didn’t bother to invest in these cars and soon their business went downhill. Cause as technology improves, cars were better and horses couldn’t keep up with it and the same thing happened, and it eventually dies off.

In this century, year 2014, we face with the same issue in regards to “illegal downloads” and “ad-blocks”. No matter how you banned a website, people will still find a way to download movies, songs, games, whatever you name it. There are many websites that make money of ads, such as YouTube and Facebook, and with software such as Ad-block, the people who runs the advertisement doesn’t get paid, and they will eventually have to move on and find other ways and means to make money.

Im leaving myself a reminder here, to remind myself and everyone that things changes all the time, we have to adapt to changes. This is life. If you don’t, you lose out in life. Do not dwell in the past, learn from the past, live the present, look forward to the future.


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