The human brain and our life (part 3)

It’s been a long weekend isn’t it? It’s raining so heavily now and i’ve decided to stay at home instead of drinking out at the annual NOCTURNAL BALL!!!!!! It’s the biggest party of the year for industry people, im a bartender incase you don’t know. This party is fcking awesome, and i know deep down i’ll regret not going but i know i’ll regret even more tomorrow after spending over $100 or even more on alcohol. I guess partying is not my thing right now. Anyway, without further ado, im gonna continue my “essay”, read part 1 and part 2 here.

My last sentence in my last post was about those little blocks in your head leads to stress. So these little blocks in your head are little thoughts in your daily life and we often over think about them all the time causing us to have lots of stress. So how should we stop stressing?

My counsellor told me that we human tends to over think about our problems daily to a point. Imagine one day you wake up and realize you’re late for class, you rush to get ready then you miss the bus, then you think that you’ve missed an important lesson, then from that you think that you’re gonna fail then if you fail you’re not gonna be successful in life and so on and so forth. That sorta things. It creates unnecessary stress for you. So what you should consider doing is planning your time properly, good time management is very important. 1 week has 7 days, if you think about all the things you want to do in your life every 7 days a weeks, things are gonna pile up more eventually, but if you think about 1 thing a day at a time, and lay the different blocks down on different day, there will be less stress 🙂 Hope my bad english is good enough for you to understand.

Lastly, human emotions come in a package, happiness, sadness, anger, etc. You know when people say, “you try hard to hard to be cool”. If you try to be cool, you’re not cool enough. If you try to look for happiness, you won’t be happy enough. It’s the fact that humans are impossible to be happy, cause we’re bound to feel sad, e.g. when you miss a bus, you feel angry. These are emotions, it’s normal. When you get stress, you get upset, then when you get upset, you think of more upsetting stuff, then it becomes an evil cycle.

Finally this topic has come to an end, the moral of the story im trying to tell everyone is stop stressing, stop caring about  what judgemental people think about you, plan your life, plan your time and happiness will come 🙂

Have a good week ahead everyone.


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