The human brain and our life (part 2)

Continuing from my previous post… i’ve mentioned about how social acceptance affects the way we think. The society has somehow created this standard sets of norms, for example, everyone should have Facebook, if you don’t have you’re weird, kinda stuff, obviously there are people who are different, that’s why you have different groups of people. You have friends that you only meet up to go drinking, you have friends that you meet in school everyday to study and go for lunch but you never meet them in the weekends, you have friends that you talk to constantly online but never actually hang out and you have friends that you don’t talk to and only meet up twice a year but when you meet up with them it just seems like yesterday. Sooooo…… anyway, what im trying to say is that people are different! And because different people do things differently, you often question yourself if you’re actually doing the right thing, whether you are normal or whether you should change yourself to fit into society.

Im going to stop here for a bit and add in something before continue. It’s confusing, i know, im sorry im bad at writing, but read on and you’ll find out what im trying to explain.

Back in the god knows when era, cavemen are adapted to life threatening situations, such as getting eaten by a lion. Their brains are operated so quick in the sense that they can access the situation, find a solution, then react within a short span of time, in order to save their life. You understand what im saying? Our brains has been “made” in such a way to operate so quickly since decades ago, and because in this modern society, where there are no more life threatening events such as a lion trying to eat you, our brain still works really fast, and reacts quickly to every tiny aspect of your daily lives.

Therefore, trying to link up everything i’ve said. What im trying to say is that the human brain picks up little situations in our daily life and we tend to access them bit by bit and everything piles up. We wake up in the morning thinking what am i gonna eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then during lunch why did i order rice instead of noodles, and when you get home after a long day of work you think what am i doing with my life, why am i behaving differently from my friend? did i do anything wrong? and the list goes on and on and on. And all these thoughts are like little blocks that’s piling up in your head, which will then lead to what we normally call stress.

Im going to stop here again. Love life. Peace out.


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