My Thursday

You know the kind of day where by nothing really goes right for you? It’s not that bad, but it’s still not good either? Yeap, i had mine today. Initially, i wanted to talk about something that i’ve learnt today, which is about the human brain, but i just want to get this “unhappiness” out of my head so i could sleep in peace. So here it goes…

Things that went wrong:

  1. I was supposed to settle some insurance stuff but i got the time wrongly so i couldn’t settle it today.
  2. I got kinda scolded by my manager for wearing the wrong pants. It’s my fault so i couldn’t blame anyone, but still i was upset.
  3. I was given a warning for serving some intoxicated guy. In my defense, i swear he looks fine 😦
  4. I got home and found that all my clothes on the washing line fell onto the floor and it got wet cause it was raining today.
  5. I was cracking an egg for my noodles for supper and the egg shell dropped into my noodles.

Things that went alright:

  1. Learnt that writing is therapeutic so im gonna start to write more.
  2. Knowing i have a job and could pay my food and rent after hearing 2 customers lost their job today.
  3. Caught the last train home.
  4. Had hot water for a nice shower.
  5. My room isn’t as cold as the days before.

That’s about it. So i’ve got those going which is still nice for me. Life isn’t over. Gonna have some rest now. Good night world.


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