50 facts about me

Have you ever wonder if you know your true self? or why human change? Have you realize how much you’ve changed since the last time you thought about yourself? So i’ve decided to write a list of facts about me at the current moment. I might have a look thru it in a couple of months later and see how much i’ve changed 🙂


1. I am pure Chinese

2. I have 1 younger sister who is super intelligent

3. I do freelance modelling

4. I specialize in artistic nude modelling

5. I love to eat fruits (especially apple, grape and durian)

6. I love fishing

7. If I were to keep a pet it’d be fish (mainly goldfish, tetra and guppies)

8. I love Asian food (especially Chinese and Japanese)

9. I fall in love deeply

10. I love alcohol

11. I haven’t smoked for a long period of time (yes to both ciggarettes and herbs)

12. I like sleeping

13. I have low blood pressure

14. I am low in Vitamin D

15. I am very good with Microsoft Office

16. I am very lazy

17. I only dress up if there’s an important occasion

18. I used to be in a choir

19. I used to play the piano

20. I used to be in chinese orchestra playing erhu and ruan

21. I used to do chinese dance when i was young

22. I did fashion design in secondary school

23. I used to draw

24. I regret giving up everything from point 18 to 23

25. My middle name “Cherry” was given to me by 2 of my good friends who are both sisters too

26. I listen to all genres of music

27. I like country music the most

28. Follow on by electronic music

29. Mainly dubstep and house

30. I know how to ride a motorbike

31. I have only been to 6 cities in my whole life (Perth, Australia, Bali and Batam, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

32. I like wearing pyjamas cause it’s super comfy

33. My favourite number below 10 is 2

34. And after 10 is 11

35. I have 1 tattoo on my back that says my dad, mum and sister’s birthday

36. I have 13 piercings in total (6 on the right ear, 4 on the left, 1 nose, 1 tongue and 1 naval)

37. I love drinking tea (except ginger tea)

38. My favourite cocktail is mojito

39. I hope I can appear in FHM magazine 1 day

40. I hope to be able to put on a fashion show 1 day

41. I can speak 3 languages (English, Mandarin, Hokkien and a little bit of Cantonese so it doesn’t count)

42. I love my boyfriend a lot

43. I am a very emotional person (I cry at all circumstances)

44. I tried blogging in the past but I hated it and now Im starting again just for fun

45. I used to be a hardcore gamer (mainly DOTA and CS)

46. I have a bad scar on my right hip due to a skateboard fall

47. I love pasta

48. Im currently working in a gay club

49. I love talking

50. I hate vegetables


There you go! Written on 1:38am, 20th June 2014. Heading to bed now. Good night. x


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