My current life

I’ve been living in Perth for almost 2 years. I came over initially as an exchanged student doing my last semester of university in Curtin. Long story short, right after i graduate, i’ve got a job, fell in love, and now im here studying my music business diploma, Growing in a fast-paced city, Singapore, i never thought i would fall in love with the “slowness” environment, culture, and people here.

Perth is such an amazing city. People are laid-back, not lazy, i repeat, laid-back. They do things at their own pace, doing what they love and ignore what everyone says. Everyone is unique in their own ways. Most people often perceived them as being lazy, cause they seem to be enjoying their life too much and depend on Centrelink for survival, but that’s not true! Australians are one of the few people in the would that travels a lot. How can they afford it? People often don’t understand why. The truth is that these people work casual jobs all the time, trying to find means and ways to get money so that they can save up and travel. Once they come back from their holiday, they find another job and try to save up again, and this cycle goes on and on. On the other hand, there are also many people that are very simple minded. They lead a very simple and contented life, as long as they have enough money for their food and pay their rent, and is able to do the things they love, they are happy. Many wonder why don’t they have a proper full time job and are slacking around, i personally think that they are living life to the fullest, and everyone should do the same.

I started out working as an event manager in a 24hr online radio station the moment i finished Curtin. I handled over 200 DJs and sort their schedule daily for their set. Some DJs came in live to spin, others send in their mixtape and i’ll have to upload it online so it’ll be steam on air. In less than 6 months, i made friends with so many people in the music scene, so many talented young individuals working hard to achieve what they want in life, to make a name for themselves. That one job that made me fell in love with Perth, made me realize that i should live my life to the fullest, be able to do what i want and not find a white-collar job and work till the rest of my life until i retire.

In addition to that, i have this amazing and talented boyfriend, he use to be in a band playing guitar, knows how to play the bass as well, currently producing music, mixing and DJ, knows how to skateboard, ice skate, is a graphic designer, can draw and do graffiti paintings. He is that one person that made me open up my eyes. I use to wonder why won’t he find a job and start working hard, until i found out why. He is actually working very hard on his music and wants to be a famous producer. I look back and ask myself, why did i gave up dancing, singing, drawing, playing the piano, ruan and er hu. I feel ashame. All these talents that i used to have are gone. It’s sad isn’t it?

Of course, now it’s not the time for me to look back and regret, but to work hard and achieve what i want in life. Im looking forward to the future. Dream big i say.


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