Sitting on the front yard in the new JB house, reflecting of what i’ve been doing in the past year. Haven’t been updating much, not sure why tho, cause it’s always been very therapeutic. Work’s been great. Everything im doing is leading me one step towards my ultimate goal, to bring arts, hospitality, service, entertainment, fashion, everything together. The goal is my passion.

My relationship with the boyfriend isn’t a very smooth sailing one, not in a bad way, but of course we all know couples fight. The culture, religion, system, mentality, ways we were brought up varies a lot. Im trying, not for the sake of him, or anyone, but me.

I look forward to world peace, that’s not easy to achieve, however, we can all start from having inner peace. I’ve learnt to love myself, care for myself, which in return having the ability and knowledge to do so for others. Being content with my life. Having self-acceptance, knowing that there are so many imperfections in the world, but that’s ok, cause it’s the difference that makes up this world so beautiful.

Till next time.



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8th Month

The mighty me has fallen. It’s been awhile since I felt so sick. Apparently I was told that it’s because I have a high immune system, hence I don’t fall sick easily. However if I did, it’d be very serious. Went to the doctors yesterday and was told I got infected with some virus. I feel so weak, and restless, and useless pretty much. My mental state isn’t very healthy at this moment too. I’ve been crying a lot. Feeling very down. I can’t even complete simple task such as grabbing food or combing my hair without being stressed out by it. My room is in a messy, I need to clean, but I’m so lazy, and can’t be fucked doing it.

When in times like this, I just sit and do nothing. I’ve to take so many medication that I feel so drowsy all the time. I just wanna curl up into a ball and hide away from the earth. I wish someone could cuddle me. Just a big warm hug, to make me feel calm again.

Today might not be the day that I feel good but that’s ok, cause I know the down time will pass eventually, and soon enough, I’ll be ok.

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Half a year

Its been more than half a year since I last posted, I thought I’d pen down my thoughts and happenings on what has happened in the past 5 months. I flew to Kuala Lumpur to check out The Malaysia’s Giffard Cup, followed on by heading to Phuket for a competition, got 6th position internationally. Lost my phone 😦 Went to Macau for a guestshift. Working at Lounge, got 6th position for Goldwell hair competition 2017. Got some photos published on some magazines. Lost my phone, again, but founded by some kind soul. Got promoted, transfer to Kilo Kallang. Went to Ultra Music Festival. Fast for the first time. Celebrated Hari Raya. Did some crazy photoshoot, hung out my maternal cousins for the first time. Shot a commercial in Singapore.

So crazy, Im so lost. So much has happened. So good though. I feel sometimes I’ve sidetrack a bit but then again i know I’ll be back on track. July’s coming up. Hopefully a good one. Will try to keep my sanity and be more focus.

Good night world. x


2017. Busy year ahead.

Been missing for 2 months. Haven’t got the time to open up my laptop. Or i should say, i’d rather sleep then get on my laptop. Things been really hectic in the past few weeks. First it was the grand opening of Kilo Lounge, then Christmas, then New Year, then Chinese New year. Working crazy shifts. Getting home when the sun comes up. 2017 is gonna be a hectic one. I’ve put modelling to a halt now. Not because i’ve retired but i just want to focus of bartending now.

February is the month where i have to keep training and practicing. March i’ve 2 huge competition coming up. April i have to start getting ready for Colour in FLUX 2017 hair competition. And in July i’ll be modelling for Golden Sissors 2017 too. Its gonna be a wild one 2017.

Trying to keep calm. Haven’t been meditating and reading much either. Been really unhealthy. Oh wells. On the another hand i just visited the dentist after donkey years. Finally. It cost me a bomb. Now im back to being broke.

Valentine’s day in  a day. Just another day. Forever alone. When is that special someone gonna come into my life 😦

Peace out.


Need. More. Sleep

Slept for 14 hours yesterday and have some weird dreams. I’ve been dreaming lately and it makes me feel not well rested. 

Just had lunch with mum and back home resting before I head back to work for training. I feel so weak. So irritated and pissed and vulnerable and upset. Just wanna stay at home and lie down.

Wish Alex is here. 

Ahh. I wish i get well soon. 


So sick 

First time in ages that I felt so sick. I completely lost my voice. Body’s aching. Constant nose blocked. Felt a slight fever coming up but manage to get rid after popping a couple tabs of Panadol. I feel a bit overwhelm these couple of days and a bit down for some reason but im glad i notice it quickly and manage to calm down  after I took my meds. I’m a lot better in handling my emotions and mental state now which is really good.

This year is finally coming to an end. So many things happen. The travels especially. It has been a tremendous exciting journey. The first half of the year was a lot of work. And the 2nd half was a lot of travels and Alex.

Once again. The trip that we both went to explore the whole of Thailand, from Krabi to Phuket to Chiang Mai to Bangkok kinda make me realize that I really really truly like Alex. Im in love with him. I want him to be happy and i want to be with him and experience life together.

It’s this whole modern dating complicated grey area here we are facing but I hope we can be together geographically in the next couple of years. I’m willing to wait and i do want to step up on my career now too. I hope this will be the time that both of us work hard for what we want and then we can plan our journey in the next couple of years.

Its tough. It sounds like a dream. Maybe its mine. Maybe its his too. I don’t know. All I know is I’ve never connects to anyone on such a deep level and he’s the one that i feel whole with.

Feeling so vulnerable. I feel like all the mental health demons are tryna come back at me. All I wanna do is to be a hermit crab. Hide at home. Not talk to anyone. Not work. Get my cough and flu over and done with first before I face the world. Meditate as much as possible. Read on my kindle. I wish i could just cuddle Alex and sleep. I miss him so much. Can’t wait to visit him soon. Just being really down at the moment. Rants over.